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Business Dashboards

At loyalytics, we take your organizations data and transform it into interactive dashboards and reports with rich insights and intuitive user interface.

Interactive Dashboards

Highly interactive dash boards with rich insights and intuitive user interface to track and monitor KPI’s

Seamless Technology

Built on Industry renowned Tableau/Power BI platform meaning less costs and more benefits to business

Customizable Solutions

100% customizable solutions catering to changing business needs and competitive landscape

Cost Effective

Highly standardized architecture leading to reduced costs and incremental value to business

Customer Analytics

At Loyalytics we firmly believe that loyalty programs in the current market need to go beyond just the reward points and discounts, and move towards creating a unique personalized shopping experience to each and every customer.

Customer Segmentation

Deliver the right message by segmenting customers more effectively and better understanding target populations.

Predictive Analytics

Using cutting edge methods to forecast customer behavior for proactive decision making

Churn and Retention Analytics

Decrease attrition by predicting customers most likely to leave and developing the right proactive campaigns to retain them.

360 Customer View

Blending data from multiple fragmented data sources to enable holistic understanding of the customer

Marketing Analytics

At loyalytics we are committed to empower marketers with advanced analytics solutions to drive incremental returns for their marketing investments.

Promotion Optimization

Optimization engine that blends data analytics with business strategies to deliver more effective and profitable promotion plans

Offer Personalization

Deliver highly customized and relevant offers to your customers based on their historical buying behavior and latent needs

Marketing ROI Analytics

n depth scenario analysis for marketing programs leading to reduced costs and higher ROI

Campaign Management

End to end campaign management solutions offering design, execution and measurement capabilities leading to improved conversion metrics

Digital Effectiveness

Planning, executing and measuring customer engagement campaigns across digital channels

Social Listening

Understand customer sentiments across multiple social platforms and leverage the same to drive to drive better customer engagement

Merchandising Analytics

At loyalytics we help retailers blend all the relevant data and use advanced analytics so that they can align their merchandising decisions with customer expectations leading to increased profits/sales as well as customer loyalty.

Assortment and Space Optimization

Understand every customer’s browsing behavior and offer relevant and personalized product recommendations to improve loyalty. Factor in specific regional and demographics attributes to curate a hyper local assortment selection for customers leading to improved sales

Demand Forecasting

Advanced forecasting solutions to predict demand accurately leading to Optimized inventory, improved on shelf availability and customer satisfaction

Price Optimization

Set the most optimal prices for your categories using own price elasticities and competitor info leading to increased sales and profits

Consumer Decision Trees

Advanced analytics algorithms that help understand customers attribute preferences for categories leading to a more customized assortment planning

New age ecommerce analytics

Ecommerce Analytics

Building customer loyalty with this “new age” customer is therefore a key challenge. At loyalytics we have a suite of end to end Digital analytics solutions that help businesses provide a seamless experience to customers across channels leading to deepened Loyalty and engagement.

Customer Intelligence

Understand every customer’s browsing behavior and offer relevant and personalized product recommendations to improve loyalty

Web Analytics

Architect a robust cloud based data infrastructure that is both scalable and secure leading to development of advanced analytics solutions

Competitor Analytics

Gain actionable insights into competitors pricing and assortment strategies through our Digital crawling engine

Perfomance Measurement

Track and monitor key digital business metrics across multiple platforms through a suite of reporting and dash-boarding capabilities


What customers say about loyalytics

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Awesome is the word that comes to mind when you think of Loyalytics team. In a very short span of time they have changed the entire BI landscape at our organisation. Their functional depth coupled with their deep IT expertise meant a very smooth functioning throughout the entire engagement. I would absolutely engage them again and again to deliver value to the organisation
Biju Cherian
Merchandising Head, Alyasra Fashion
Loyalytics was completely true to their promise of enhancing customer loyalty and engagement through data and analytics. Leveraging their deep understanding of the Digital Analytics landscape they were able to make tangible impacts in a very short period of time. Hats off to the Loyalytics team for their passion and commitment towards solving Clients problems!!
Mohammad Adil
CEO, Basicxx Fashion, UAE
The entire Loyalytics team was excellent!! I was impressed with their desire and commitment to always go above and beyond of what was originally asked for and deliver a solution that really takes care of all our needs. The level of professionalism shown and technical skills exhibited throughout the engagement is truly commendable. I would be pleased to work with this talented team again and would highly recommend them for future opportunities
Sumit Dhand
CEO, ME 2 Fashion
Working with Loyalytics has been a great experience for my entire team. Their expertise in customer loyalty space and their SAAS platform Insytio has been a big boon for us and is helping us unlock tremendous value.
Jithesh Ramachandran
Head of IT, Basicxx Fashion, UAE
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