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Monitor and improve the performance of your retail store Ops team through the power of AI and analytics

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Comprehensive retail audit management on the cloud


  • Build Customizable Forms in minutes

    Create Forms/checklists for your programs and standards or quickly upload existing Excel forms

  • Set role based permissions

    Built-in role level access allows you to choose who see and interact with inspection checklist and data

  • Assign and track actions

    Assign a specific tasks to team members and follow up on completion

  • Automated Notifications

    Notifications and Alerts sent to the appropriate team members for corrective actions

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  • Easy to use and intuitive platform

    Conduct audits easily and effectively thereby increasing productivity of your site and field teams

  • Take and attach photos

    Capture photos with your device camera and share notes. Attach photos to inspections, tasks and corrective actions

  • GPS Coordinates captured

    Keep track of your field execs and know exactly where the inspections happened

  • Content Manager

    Share organisational news, KPIs, Videos and files. Receive read receipts

Analyze & Act

  • Extensive Dashboards

    Get access to all audit reports and uncover problem areas

  • Granular insights

    Analyse strengths and gaps by territory, store and representative with detailed drill-down reports

  • Real time data

    Teams can instantly access results, track and verify issue resolution

  • Role Level access enablement

    Form executives to area managers, give everyone access to the data they need to work smarter

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